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Gas Logs

Gas Logs Types & Installations

Fireplace technology has come a long way over previous generations, particularly with gas logs. With the addition of fuel sources like natural and propane gas, people have more flexibility in picking the type of fireplace that fits their needs. Wood and coal are no longer the only choices. In just the past 25 years, advancements in gas log technology have led to a multitude of options for modern fireplaces and upgrades for older appliances like basic masonry fireplaces.

Gas logs are one of the most increasingly popular fireplace upgrades. More and more people are converting from wood to gas to enjoy the convenience and ease of operation gas logs provide. Maintenance is easier as well as there is no wood and ash to deal with and gas creates buildup in the chimney at only a fraction of the rate of wood-burning appliances.

There are more variations and applications for gas log sets than ever before. They come in various sizes and types to fit almost any fireplace that allows gas as a fuel type. Most can also now be used with remote controls for the ultimate in convenience and comfort. Building a fire doesn’t get any easier than clicking a remote from the comfort of your recliner.

The installation for a gas log set is usually hassle-free taking only a couple of hours, especially if a gas ignitor is already installed in an existing wood-burning fireplace being converted. A-1 Chimney Pro technicians are CSIA certified to install gas log sets and can inspect your fireplace to determine what options are available for you and help you pick the log set that best fits your needs.

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Vented and Vent-Free Gas Logs

There are two major gas log types, vented and ventless. Which type of log set you choose is dependent on a number of factors like what performance you want out of your log set and what type of fireplace you have.

Vented Gas Logs

If you want to do away with the hassle of burning wood but keep the ambiance of a real fire, a vented gas log set may be right for you. Vented gas logs are the go-to for most wood to gas fireplace conversions. They have taller more realistic flames than their vent-free counterparts and have more flexibility for log arrangement and accessories such as pine cones and wood chunks.

Vented log sets do require a fully functional fireplace and chimney. Although more realistic, they produce CO (Carbon Monoxide) like a wood-burning fire and must be vented with a chimney. They also build more soot than ventless logs and don’t produce as much heat because they exhaust out the flue. That being said, vented logs are an alternative option for some modern manufactured fireplaces that aren’t rated for the heat output of a ventless log set.

Ventless log sets are installable in most masonry fireplaces and manufactured fireplaces that allow gas. They are mostly installed to retain the ambiance of an open fireplace with the convenience of gas.


Ventless Gas Logs

If you want to maximize the heat output of your fireplace using gas logs, a vent-free log set is the way to go. Ventless logs don’t lose heat because they don’t use a chimney. All the heat goes directly into the room to warm it quickly without the mess of a wood-burning fireplace. Not only do they heat better, but they also use less gas than a vented log set.

To be so efficient and be allowed to vent directly into a room, vent-free logs have some strict guidelines that must be adhered to. The logs must be positioned exactly as required by the manufacturer so that there is no flame impingement that could cause the release of carbon monoxide. Because of this, they are often not as realistic looking as a vented log set. Also, some modern fireplaces are not rated to contain the heat of ventless logs.

Vent-free logs are most often installed in masonry fireplaces by people wanting more heat output than a traditional fireplace although there are some modern manufactured fireplaces that are rated for them as well.


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