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Vent-Free Gas Logs

Vent-Free Gas Log Sets

If you are looking to get the most heat possible from a gas log set, a vent-free set may be right for you. Vent-free or “ventless” gas logs are designed for maximum heat output by venting directly into the home so no heat is lost up the chimney. They achieve this by being extremely efficient with set log patterns that cannot be deviated from. However, they do tend to use less gas than vented log sets.

Due to the nature of how they operate with the damper closed, some fireplaces may not be rated to contain the heat generated by ventless systems. An inspection by a certified chimney sweep can determine if your fireplace qualifies for a vent-free log set.

Ember Glow Series

Ember Glow Series Gas Log Sets

The Ember Glow Series of ventless gas log sets feature handcrafted logs for added beauty and realism.

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Ember Glow Series

Log Glow Series Gas Log Sets

Designed to be functional and visually appealing, the Log Glow Series feature a large ember bed to enhance the effect of glowing coals.

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Frontier Blaze

Frontier Blaze Gas Log Set

The Frontier Blaze Log Set is in a class of its own. It is a sturdy looking log set with a glowing ember bed, two front logs, and a flame that peeks through many top twigs.

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Cozy Fire

Cozy Fire Gas Log Set

The Cozy Fire Gas Log Set is for those who prefer a fire with a stack of smaller logs. The design adds the illusion of enhanced flame depth.

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Vent-Free Coal Basket

Vent-Free Coal Basket

A basket full of olde world charm without the hassle. Designed for smaller fireplaces. Perfect for antique fireplaces that have been sealed off.

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Weathered Oak

Weathered Oak Gas Log Set

The Weathered Oak Log Set is one of Hargrove’s most popular vent-free log sets. A timeless classic with rustic appeal.

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Element Series

Element Series Contemporary Gas Systems

The Element Series Contemporary Gas Systems are a modern approach to ventless gas appliances. Four styles to chose from for a decorative touch that still puts out the heat.

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Western Pine

Western Pine Gas Log Set

The Western Pine Log Set is an economically priced log set with solid durable construction.

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Classic Oak

Classic Oak Gas Log Set

The Classic Oak Log Set is affordable without sacrificing detail. Bark textured logs simulate the appearance of real wood.

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