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Masonry Chimney Repair

Repairing Damaged Brick & Mortar in Crumbling Masonry Chimneys

Spalling bricks, cracks and crumbling mortar are all tell tale signs of chimney deterioration and other underlying problems. Unlike house walls which are protected by eaves, chimneys are exposed 24/7 to the elements. Unless a chimney is properly waterproofed, it will eventually have masonry problems of some sort that will need repair. Once the exterior surface of a chimney is compromised, the rate of damage accelerates as openings become available for further water intrusion. The result is a domino effect accelerating until the whole chimney is eventually beyond repair and needs to be rebuilt. Don’t wait that long, get your chimney repaired asap by a qualified chimney repair service company if you notice any damage.


Tuck Pointing and Brick Replacement

If caught early on, most chimneys can be saved from further deterioration with minor repairs and waterproofing. Long term neglected chimneys with severely damaged bricks and/or crumbled mortar will need damaged areas replaced with new brick and mortar. We strongly recommend chimney waterproofing once repairs are completed to ensure the cycle of deterioration doesn’t begin all over again. If your chimney is compromised, a qualified technician from A-1 Chimney Pro can assess the damage and help you with options to restore your chimney and protect it from happening again.

Chimney with damaged bricks removed for repair
Chimney with damaged bricks replaced
Chimney restored with 45 bricks replaced

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